Sports Injuries

sports injuriesParticipation in sport and physical activity is crucial for a healthy body and healthy mind. We encourage our patients to regularly take part in physical exercise within their body’s limits as we know that this can help to enhance the benefits of their treatment, as well as to help them to remain pain-free in the long term.


Nonetheless, sport is physically demanding and this pressure on the body increases its proneness to injury regardless of the participant’s age. Many sports injuries are a result of over-use – that is, pushing oneself too hard or playing too much. Bodies can also get used to injury, meaning the individual doesn’t feel discomfort at the time. However reduced joint flexibility will start to affect performance as well as increasing the chances of injury to other parts of the body.


Osteopathy and deep tissue massage are both potent treatments for sports injuries, as well as helping to keep the body injury-free for longer by helping to increase joint flexibility and restoring structural balance.


If you have suffered a sports injury and would like to discuss the best form of treatment to relieve your symptoms, please contact the clinic.