Pelvis Buttock Hip Groin Pain

Pregnancy, Longer or Shorter leg, Sacroiliac strain, Iliolumbar ligament strain, Symphysis pubis dysfunction, Adductor Strain, Abdominal infection, Contraceptive coil, Constipation, Haemorrhoids, Bladder Infection, Enlarged prostate, Piriformis syndrome, Osteoarthritis, Wear and tear in the joints, Slipped epiphysis, Kidney infection
pelvis buttock hip groin painSome of the symptoms you may be experiencing with pelvis buttock hip groin pain are;

• Local specific pain in the pubic area especially on standing or walking
• Difficulty passing stools or emptying the bladder
• Difficulty starting or stopping urination
• One trouser leg feels longer than the other, feel like you are limping all the time
• Shoe is worn on the underside more on one side than the other
• Temperature and aches in the abdominal area (please seek a doctor’s advice immediately as you may have an infection)
• Aching in the groin and inner thigh area when walking or climbing stairs
• Bleeding when emptying stools
• Ache or sharp pain in the lower back area where the ‘dimples’ are
• Pain in the buttock on one side
• Stiffness moving the hips and pain on the outside or back of the leg
• Stiffness in the joints in the mornings
• Feeling like the hip is just going to give way
• Cannot pin point the area of pain, however it feel deep inside and cannot get rid of the ache.
Your Osteopath will go through a range of questions with you on your Initial Consultation which will help us to understand the cause of the pain, and a treatment plan will be tailor made for your diagnosis.
Please note: if the cause of the discomfort is not mechanical in nature (due to damage to the muscles, joints, ligaments or tendons) and is due to some other underlying issue, then the Osteopath will be able to refer you to the correct health professional to help deal with your symptoms.
To make an appointment or to discuss whether treatment at the RJ Clinic can help your back pain, please do contact us.