Neck Pain

neck pain

Stuck joints, Tight muscles, Caught nerves, Arthritis, Bad posture, Disc bulge, Ligament damage, Whiplash


Neck pain is classed as pain anywhere between the base of the head down to the first prominent bone that you can feel between the top of the shoulders, essentially the area behind and around the throat.
Neck pain is most commonly caused by whiplash, stress and poor work posture and can be very debilitating; not only does it often result in time off work or reduced exercise, but many of our patients find that neck pain affects their sleep. Many sufferers avoid seeking treatment in the hope that their pain will eventually subside; unfortunately this usually results in increased recovery time when treatment is finally sought.


• A sharp sudden catching sensation in one particular spot i.e. you can put your finger on where it hurts
• Stiffening in the muscles around the neck causing discomfort to turn your head and look to one or both sides
• A electric, shooting sensation down the arm, which may or may not be like pins and needles, which either stops at the elbow or continues down to the fingers
• Weakness in the arms when trying to lift e.g. a kettle to pour water
• Headaches, discomfort in the jaw
• Dizziness, light headedness, or blurring of vision
• A hot sensation in the area of discomfort
• Pain more in the morning than in the evening or visa versa! Better in the morning and worse at night
• Difficulty and pain touching the neck following a car crash or sudden jolt to the head and neck


Our osteopaths can ease your neck pain by relaxing the muscles in spasm, mobilising the small joints in the neck to restore normal function and ease pressure on the neck and skull which can be the cause of headaches. As with all treatment at the RJ Clinic, your therapist will also advise you of exercises, stretches and lifestyle changes that could help you to reduce the chances of your pain recurring.
Your Osteopath will go through a range of questions with you on your Initial Consultation which will help us to understand the cause of the pain, and a treatment plan will be tailor made for your diagnosis.
Please note: if the cause of the discomfort is not mechanical in nature (due to damage to the muscles, joints, ligaments or tendons) and is due to some other underlying issue, then the Osteopath will be able to refer you to the correct health professional to help deal with your symptoms.
The type of treatment you receive will depend on your Clinical Diagnosis. Your Osteopath will discuss this with you when you attend your appointment


To make an appointment or to discuss whether treatment at the RJ Clinic could help your neck pain, please contact us.