Arm and Elbow Pain

Referred nerve pain, strained muscles, Circulation problems, Subluxed radial head, Olecranon Bursitis, Detached Biceps muscle, Angina, Tennis elbow, Golfers Elbow
arm and elbow painSome of the symptoms you may be experiencing with arm and elbow pain are;

• Local specific pain which you can put your finger on and say ‘the pain is here’
• Restricted movements of the arm giving pain when ‘brushing or drying your hair’ or ‘driving the car’ i.e. having hands on the steering wheel
• Discomfort or pain when leaning elbows on a desk
• Catching sensation when reaching out for something, pouring the kettle, brushing your teeth
• Arm feels limp and weak, may even feel a bit cold
• General ache around the elbow area, one that you can’t pinpoint, it feels like a ‘deep nagging ache’
• You can feel a big lump in your arm after hearing and feeling a loud snap sound from your arm
• A large ‘haematoma’ or severe bruise has appeared on your arm after hearing a snap sound
• Heart beating very fast, you feel short of breath and left arm is aching
Your Osteopath will go through a range of questions with you on your Initial Consultation  which will help us to understand the cause of the pain, and a treatment plan will be tailor made for your diagnosis.
Please note: if the cause of the discomfort is not mechanical in nature (due to damage to the muscles, joints, ligaments or tendons) and is due to some other underlying issue, then the Osteopath will be able to refer you to the correct health professional to help deal with your symptoms.
To make an appointment or to discuss whether treatment at the RJ Clinic can help your back pain, please do contact us.