Ankle Foot Pain

Ligament strain, joint imbalance, sports injuries, muscle spasm, referred pain from knee, localised joint subluxation, plantar fasciitis, ‘Policemans heel’, diabetes, stress fracture
ankle foot painSome of the symptoms you may be experiencing are;

• Ache that is deep, not sure of how it started but the ache has got worse over time
• Fell or tripped over and strained the outside of the ankle which has now turned purple, green and yellow and is very swollen
• Local specific pain which you can put your finger on and say ‘the pain is here’
• Pain in the foot especially when waking in the morning
• Pain when walking especially when putting weight down on the heel
• Shoes don’t feel comfortable any more
• Swollen ankle or foot
• Constant pain that is not relieved by rest, but increases in pain when walking
Your Osteopath will go through a range of questions with you on your Initial Consultation which will help us to understand the cause of the pain, and a treatment plan will be tailor made for your diagnosis.
Please note: if the cause of the discomfort is not mechanical in nature (due to damage to the muscles, joints, ligaments or tendons) and is due to some other underlying issue, then the Osteopath will be able to refer you to the correct health professional to help deal with your symptoms.
To make an appointment or to discuss whether treatment at the RJ Clinic can help your back pain, please do contact us.