spinal assessment machine in Fetcham Leatherhead Clinic

Spinal Assessment Machine in Fetcham, Leatherhead Clinic

We just launched our new SPINAL ASSESSMENT MACHINE in Fetcham, Leatherhead Clinic.

Spinal Assessment Machine in Fetcham, Leatherhead Clinic

Spinal Assessments are a way for us to monitor and assess the areas in your spine that are ‘weak’ or ‘at risk’ of either leading to pain, or aggravating a discomfort you already have.

So for example, one of my patients came into the clinic and said ‘Reena I just cant get my trouser lengths right, I always have to take the right leg up more that the left its so annoying’ the patient did not have much pain other than a usual ache in the neck while sitting at her desk. So I asked her if she would like a spinal assessment. It took 10-15 minutes for me to measure her up and take the pictures and write down the numbers. When I showed her the results she was astounded! Her hips were 1-1.5 inches out of line, so her spine was bending and twisting (called a scoliosis) to compensate for the difference and this explained why her neck was never free of an ache. As well as this the weighing scales showed that she was placing much more weight through her left leg that the right proving she was totally out of line. For every 1/4 of an inch your body is out of alignment, you place 10% strain on the joints in the area, so it just makes sense to get your body realigned. The lady found the pictures very helpful and now following spinal alignment she had to readjust all her trousers as her legs were now the same length.


So can you have a spinal alignment if you have no pain?

Yes you can, it helps us to address areas that may be leading to wear and tear (if a joint functions wrong, you may not feel pain as your body compensates, however those joints that are not moving, get narrower and can long term lead to arthritis)


I already have treatment I don’t think it would really work for me… would it?

It depends on what you want to get out of the information it will give you, if you want to know and see where your weaknesses are in your body structure, and want to understand how to minise the risks? Then the spinal assessment machine is helpful at anytime whether you receive treatment already or not


Can children have a spinal assessment done?

Yes! as long as they can stand still for about 10 minutes.


I have a lot of back pain and neck pain, and someone told me I have a scoliosis and I don’t know what sort of treatment will help me and who to trust, how will a spinal assessment help me?

Well firstly you don’t need to undress, you stand on the frame for 10 minutes and one of our skilled professionals will be able to show you your results and discuss them with you. You will receive a list of what our pain relief practitioners can do to help and the aims we would have for you, and discuss our aims to help you feel better and live the life you want to lead. You are under no obligation to get treatment, sometimes just seeing the pictures can help you to find ways to help yourself in the short term.

We love our new spinal assessment machine and think everyone should ‘get checked’ so why don’t you call us today and see what your body is doing? Please feel free to email us if you have any questions and want to know more!

Keep smiling!


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