Ergonomic and Postural Advice

ergonomic and postural advice

Pain is not always caused by injury; many of our patients come to see us with pain that has resulted from their lifestyle.


Some classic examples of the lifestyle causes of back pain, neck pain, migraines, knee pain, ankle pain and pelvic pain, etc. are:

  • Poor posture at a work desk
  • Carrying a bag on one shoulder
  • Children’s rucksacks
  • Dropped arches on the feet
  • Bearing weight more on one leg than the other (common in those who stand a lot at work)
  • Poor posture and back support in the car


Our team will always get a full case history in order to understand all the things that could be contributing to your pain. Your therapist will also discuss with you the ways in which you can adapt these lifestyle aspects to reduce your symptoms and to prevent future injury.


We are also available to advise companies and HR departments on workspace ergonomics, exercises and stretches which can help to maintain a healthy workforce.


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