deep tissue sports massage

Deep Tissue Sports Massage

Despite its name, sports massage is not just for athletes; anyone who suffers from aches and pains as a result either of over-use or incorrect use of muscles can benefit from sports massage. As well as its physical benefits, sports massage has been shown to reduce anxiety, stress and tension, helping to improve overall well-being as a result.


Sports massage helps to break down fibrous tissue, scar tissue and adhesions in overworked tissue, which can cause stiffness and pain during training and recovery – as well as inflexible tissue that is more injury-prone. This can help to restore your range of movement more quickly by improving the elasticity of the muscles, ligaments and tendons around the joints.


The aim of Deep tissue massage is to:

  • Improve circulation
  • Improve the supply of nutrients to muscle tissue
  • Helps to remove toxin build-up from training and/or competition
  • Helps cell regeneration, hormone release and lymphatic system response, which all help to strengthen the immune system.


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